2023's Coolest Gadget Under £100. If You Never Owned a Drone Before, This One Is For You.

Overview: The ShadowXDrone leads the pack in this booming market. Sit back and watch the likes roll in with 360° photos and bird's eye view videos. You'll definitely be the envy of your friends, with this brand-new, light-weight and compact drone. Thanks to a set-up time of under 30 seconds, it's surprisingly simple to use. So what sets it apart from all the rest? ShadowXDrone invests more in its build-quality than its image, giving you an impressive piece of kit for an incredibly low price.

"So many drone makers hike up their prices because they've spent so much building up a big brand name, and yet they're using lower quality components. You're basically just paying for the name", says an engineer at the heart of the ShadowXDrone project.

Over the past 12 months we've tested extensively the majority of drones available on the market and have found that, generally speaking, the cheaper the model the less control you have over the drone. Models retailing for under £100 are usually difficult to control, even in only slightly windy conditions; their cameras often provide poor quality video feedback and photography.

The ShadowXDrone is a real game-changer. For the first time, there is a cheaper-priced model on the market, which is nonetheless popular with critics and consumers alike. So is this low-cost drone really as good as the experts say? We managed to get our hands on one to give it a try. Our thoughts? The ShadowXDrone team has knocked it out of the park!

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Whats sets ShadowXDrone apart?

What sets ShadowXDrone apart? This drone is for rookies who want a professional piece of tech. The professional remote control makes the drone easy to fly, even for beginners. Even those who have never flown a drone before will be able to pick it up really quickly.

Automatic Flight Assistance

Intelligent flight modes let the drone touch down safely, follow people or objects, maintain altitude, or even do mid-air stunts and acrobatics.

Breath-taking Bird's Eye View Photography

Drone photography is the new frontier on social media and other platforms, so photo quality is an especially important consideration. The ultra-HD, wide-angle lens produces crisp imagery with exceptional quality - for photos that will literally take your breath away!

Unbeatable Panoramic Photos

As well as wide-screen and long-screen photo formats, the camera can create seamless panoramic montages in under 3 seconds. The likes will come rolling in when your friends see the photos you've taken with this camera.

Super light-weight and ultra portable

The drone folds up to fit into the palm of your hand. It can slip snugly into a small bag or backpack. What's more, you won't need professional training to take your ShadowXDrone on its maiden flight. Just tell your drone what you want it to do, and it takes care of the rest. You'll be impressing friends, family and colleagues with photos of your latest adventures in no time.

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With a sleek look and foldable design, the ShadowXDrone Foldable Air Selfie Drone With Camera is the newest in stealth and versatility without breaking the bank. The ShadowXDrone Foldable Air Selfie Drone With Camera has a military-style design that brings both power and easy user control in one impressive package. This is the best drone with camera under 100 and even 200 that you will ever find. Guaranteed!


  • 1080p HD Camera: Using a 720p camera with 7X Megapixel optimization, achieve 1080p streaming video quality. Take stunning photos and videos with a high performance camera equipped with image stabilization and auto-focusing software.
  • WiFi enabled, with app software for smartphone: Forget about bulky controllers and use your existing smartphone to control your drone with WiFi. Switch between button-based controls or simply draw custom flight paths with your finger.
  • 3D Flip Function: Have even more fun flying your drone with automatic flip stunts that will amaze onlookers.
  • Headless Mode: Pilot with ease using the headless mode setting, allowing the drone to move in the exact direction of the controller no matter its actual orientation.
  • One Key Return: Lose sight of your drone or having trouble navigating? With just a press of a button, easily command your drone to return home safely on its own.

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